Greetings to all readers! I am pleased to announce my services in the field of Vedic Astrology and Healing modalities.

Astrological Consultations

All astrological readings will happen in real time live on Skype and for that, my Skype identity is – esotericascension.

Once your appointment is scheduled you will be asked to connect through Skype by adding the above mentioned handle.

A recording of your consultation will be emailed within 24 hours of the consultation so you can listen to it in the future.


Types of Consultations:

1) Health, Healing and Wellness

50 Euros for Half Hour

90 Euros for One Hour

Health is the most integral part of our life which is often neglected in our busy schedules. A proper analysis will be done on the basis of the birth chart. I will explain the vedic methodologies that will help to keep you healthy and your consitution strong.

If possible I also give remedies where appropriate and on case by case basis.


2) Wealth and Career

50 Euros for Half Hour

90 Euros for One Hour

I will analyze the different sources of wealth possible as per your birth chart and then decode how your work can fetch you the most money possible to build a successful career. Wealth can be earned through many sources yet sometimes it is difficult to ascertain which field will produce the most long lived wealth. This consultation will clear your confusions and doubts, helping you find the right direction for abundance and success.


3) Relationships

50 Euros for Half Hour

90 Euros for One Hour

Relationships are the most important component for infusing our lives with purpose, meaning, peace and happiness. Your birth chart shows both attractions and solid relations both but first I reveal the right approach for all the relationships you seek. Besides romantic relationships, I will analyze your connections with family, freinds and peers. I do not perform relationship compatibility consultations, but I will perform an individual analysis of your chart to reveal the hidden keys to relationship fulfillment. If you would like me to analyze your partner’s chart also, you would need to book another consultation as this would be considered a separate chart for me to study.


4) Full Life Consultation

150 Euros for 2 Hours

A full life consultation is my most detailed look at your birth chart. It includes all areas of life like health, wealth, career, relationships, and leaves time for specific questions about your birth chart. When we take birth on this planet the soul starts it’s journey again in the form of new body. In this consultation, I will reveal your pending karma and life purpose in this current incarnation. This consultation takes more time because it covers all of the most important aspects and deep evaluation with patience is needed.


Snapshot of Consultations

Consultations Rates
Health, Healing and Wellness 50 Euros for Half Hour 90 Euros for One Hour
Wealth and Career 50 Euros for Half Hour 90 Euros for One Hour
Relationships 50 Euros for Half Hour 90 Euros For One Hour
Full Life Consultation 150 Euros for 2 Hours


Please feel free to choose any consultation based on your requirement and email me your convenient time and date of consultation at –

Once the appointment is scheduled and we both are agreed on the fixed time and date, please click on the button below to buy your consultation –



Important Points for Astrological Consultations

  • To get the most accurate and insightful consultation, please provide your exact birth details including birth date, birth place and birth time.
  • I need 2 days to study the chart and accordingly the appointment is scheduled so if anyone needs urgent consultation then please give me requested time to analyze properly.
  • I will try to provide the timing of events related to respective consultations.
  • Everyone loves to hear about remedies in an astrological consultation but I prefer to be realistic and holistic so I try to give them as per your planetary alignments.