About Me


Who am I?

My name is Ravindra and I am a resident of city Mumbai – cosmopolitan and business capital of India.  I completed my bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Computer Science then pursued a Master’s degree in Business Administration in the field of finance. I have always possessed a passionate desire to help others. I also enjoy listening to music and playing sports but gradually developed interest in reading and writing during my professional life. In 2011, I started writing articles and then created my own blog writing about economics due to my involvement in the finance industry.

What I do?

After completing my Master’s degree in Finance, I was involved in the churning of numbers as a financial analyst in the investment field from 2004 to 2014. I could not ignore the voice of my soul however and as a result, I decided to leave my comfortable yet confining position in the financial industry in favour of my own unique passions and desires: Writing and Astrology! I have been freelance writing and giving astrological consultations ever since and want to help others find their way to peace, tranquillity, and happiness with my insights. I enjoy helping others in discovering themselves and their future through the blessings of Vedic Astrology.

Mission Statement

The whole purpose of this website is to express my “Creative Conscience”. I want to reach millions of hearts through my articles, consultations, poems, and thoughts. I believe that words have the power to spark new enthusiasm and can empower others when shared, boosting one’s will power towards personal and societal evolution. I want to heal humanity through my words and Vedic astrological consultations.

I Preach what I Write.

I dedicate this website to my Aai & Baba (My Parents).