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Hurricane Matthew 2016 and Connection of Astrology

Hurricanes are the tropical cyclones, in detail if we study then either side of Equator is the region where Tropical Cyclones form, this varies between 100 to 2000 kms from Equator. It usually forms over large water bodies like oceans. The starting point is the low pressure area from where it gets into violent rotating windstorm, it looks like a spiral and the effects are devastating. [caption id="attachment_823" align="alignnone" width="300"] Hurricane Matthew[/caption] The main purpose

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Natural Calamity & Science (Nepal Earthquake)

An earthquake of Nepal (25th April 2015) wreaked havoc and ended thousands of innocent lives. This massive destruction is a Geological activity which needs to get understand. All the Geologists of the world study the activities happening beneath Earth’s crust. Every year Geological surveys are getting conducted and they pinpoint the risk zones which we call “Seismic Zones” in Geology. Tectonic Plates The whole earth is being divided in the form of tectonic plates – as per the divisional

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Save Nature

I was reading the book on Hiroshima bombing which gave me goose bumps, horrific destruction wrecked many generations in Hiroshima city. In 1941, during the World War II Japanese went on a sudden attack on Pearl Harbor in Arizona region and those bombings killed almost 5000 Americans. In the rage Americans took a brutal decision after 4 years in 1945 and dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. This feeling of revenge ended the lives of 70000 people, the whole city destroyed by a “little boy”

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