Monthly Archives: October 2012

Human Trafficking

“Human Trafficking is Modern Day SLAVERY” As I always said spread Love, Peace & Smile but in this our own beautiful world some people are Evils. As the above picture depicts that Human Trafficking is happening all around the world so we have to be strong to remove this evil. The term “Trafficking” means an illegal trade for various individual, social, economic and political reasons. As we know the Arms & Ammunitions Trafficking, Drug Trafficking but when an illegal trade happens

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Donate Organs

Human has 5 senses – Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch. Suppose just for few minutes if any one of these senses stopped working then we will feel like paralyzed. In the same way just imagine the people who doesn’t have organ like a normal person then how that person must be feeling. It is absolutely a painful suffering and miserable life. I want to write this article to create awareness for “Organ Donation”. Such kind of donation can give a new life or new purpose to live for any

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