Natural Calamity & Science (Nepal Earthquake)

An earthquake of Nepal (25th April 2015) wreaked havoc and ended thousands of innocent lives. This massive destruction is a Geological activity which needs to get understand. All the Geologists of the world study the activities happening beneath Earth’s crust. Every year Geological surveys are getting conducted and they pinpoint the risk zones which we call “Seismic Zones” in Geology.

Tectonic Plates

The whole earth is being divided in the form of tectonic plates – as per the divisional boundaries of continents. In Asia, the Indian Plate is adjoining with Arabian Plate (in the West) and the Eurasian Plate (in the North). Indian Plate has only India but Eurasian Plate is covering the landmass of Europe and North Asia both that is why this is a major tectonic plate.

Collision of Tectonic Plates

Reason of an earthquake is the collision between two tectonic plates – The Indian Plate &The Eurasian Plate. As per the research of Geological Society, the Indian Plate is constantly moving approx. 5cm every year towards Eurasian Plate in the Northern direction. This creates a friction or collision between these two plates. On 25th April the collision was harsh and 15kms beneath the Earth’s crust an Epicentre of Earthquake created which was bit shallow in Geological nature. This shallowness of epicentre provoked major tremors on the Richter scale (i.e. 7.2 Magnitude). The collision is still happening and can create more aftershocks.

India-Eurasian Tectonic Plate

India-Eurasian Tectonic Plate

Duty & Prevention

Seismologists studied the whole Asian continent and declared the Himalayan region and adjoining regions very risky. They have categorised these regions as Seismic Region IV & V. Our North India comes under zone IV so it is the duty of Govt. to take proper precautions when any construction activity goes on under this zone. Under the name of Urbanization and Development the Builder lobby gets too greedy and want to grab every square inch of land simply overlooking the Environmental Norms. I hope the present Govt. would be strict and look after all the construction and commercial activities in this zone. The Environment Approvals only to be given after strict inspection.

Prayer – I hope and pray that no more shocks may occur. Please respect Nature and Nourish Nature! May God give strength and a ray of hope to the survivors, all the lost souls may rest in peace!



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