Karma & Healing

Karma is a very deep rooted term and it has many layers. My life experience and knowledge is not that enough to explain “Karma” but I want to present my view in my own simple way.

One of my friends sent me an article written on Karma by Marc Boney (A Spiritual Astrologer) and I got really inspired to write on this topic. We will try to understand about Karma and then I will add few points to connect Karma with Healing.

What is Karma?

The word “Karma” evolved from the Sanskrit root “Kri” which means “To do” an action. Any kind of intentional action whether mental, verbal or physical is regarded as Karma; these actions can be good and bad both.

Every Action has a Reaction (Process)

Thoughts                             Words                                  Actions                                 Result

As per the nature of Karma the result is decided. If the actions are moral then good result and if the actions are immoral then bad result.

In a person’s life all the actions are taken into account for the results but the past lives are also considered in the journey of Karma Manifestation.  A soul experiences all the karmic effects in more than one lifetime. Many times the seeds sown in the past give result in present birth so the soul reincarnates again and again till the final liberation happens.

A person has four primary motives –

  • Dharma (Beliefs & Duty)
  • Artha (Wealth)
  • Kama (Worldly Enjoyment & Pleasure)
  • Moksha (Liberation)

During the process of achieving all primary motives a person does many actions (Karmas) and accordingly the result happens.

But to decipher the result first we need to understand what the different types of Karmas are.

Types of Karma

  • Sanchit Karma:-Sanchit means “Collection”, this type of karma shows Total/Entire Karmas of all past lives which are accumulated. Throughout the journey of Soul all the karmas are heaped together and carried forward but not yet given the result.
  • Prarabdh Karma:-Prarabdh means “to Begin”,now all the past karmas (Sanchit) are ready to be experienced. But just imagine there must be many Karmas accumulated from all the past lives so all cannot be experienced in the present lifetime. So some portion of that total will give result in the present birth. The present life situations will deliver the result of some portion of total karmas. These situations will eventually be called as “destiny” of person in the present incarnation. In this way person will do those actions which are being mapped or allocated. This can be well indicated in astrological birthchart.
  • Kriyaman Karma:-This type of Karma deals with present life and present actions; it is about all those actions/deeds which we do in current birth which has capacity to alter “Prarabdh” means fate or destiny. These are the seeds which we are sowing now which will decide the future journey of soul. Here the concept of “Free Will’ comes means our own will power through which we do actions. There is a big debate that how much “Free Will” can alter our destiny which is already written.


The quantum of “Free Will” and its effects to alter or change our pre-destined karmas can be checked through astrological birth chart of a person.


Here I want to emphasize on the concept of “Free Will” through the process of Karma we can use it for “Healing”.



Before we move on to Healing first we need to understand our human body and mind. The structure of mind and body is so unique that it has the secrets of Healing. Yes a person can heal own body & mind. Lets see How –

A person’s mind is very complex and the actual powerhouse is “Sub-conscious Mind” which actually stores all the past, present images & memories so it plays a vital role in the process of Healing.

A mind acts like a neuro-transmitter and it sends electro-magnetic impulses throughout the body via Nerves. A mind reacts to all the energies it receives from the outer world which we can call Universe and energies from other people also. During the process of Energy Exchange some past things are already registered in Sub-Conscious Mind which further reacts in this process to give an action through our body.

We should more understand how our body receives the energy and which are the different Energy Centres located in the body.

Energy Centres                           Location on Spinal Axis                                    Planets Associated

Sahasrara Chakra                             Crown of the Head                                                   Moon/Jupiter

Ajna Chakra                                      Area between he Eyebrows                                     Sun/Moon

Vishuddhi Chakra                            Throat                                                                          Mercury

Anahata Chakra                                Heart                                                                           Venus

Manipuraka Chakra                         Navel or Solar Plexus                                               Mars

Swadishthana Chakra                     Sacrum                                                                        Jupiter

Mooladhara Chakra                         Coccyx                                                                         Saturn


As I mentioned above our mind is Neurotransmitter so it receives all the signals from planets and as per the Prarabhdha Karma situations created in our life but our Kriyamana Karma means our own “Free Will” also takes some actions which sometimes alter the fate. These present actions can be good or bad both as per the dominating energy around us.

Now we will see what a person can do if the situation is negative and a person is surrounded by Negative Energy.

Most of the times we see Relationship Break-Ups, Family Attachments and other situations create agonizing pain in which usually a person feels the state of ‘Hopelessness’.

How to Break this state of “Hopelessness” through Healing

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks:- This is the immediate reaction when a person gets gripped in anxiety due to sudden negative event.

Healing – First in such extreme conditions please try to ‘Accept’ the situation rather immediately trying to solve it. Because these situations where our “Vibrational Energy” is at the lowest level so please “Accept” the situation. In some 10-15 mins this vibrational energy tries to get up then our mind can think properly to react in a positive way.

  • Prolonged Depressions:- Many times pain is old and effect is so prolonged that a person usually gives up.

Healing – In such cases the whole body and mind is surrounded by negative energy and all the chakras means our body energy centres get blocked so in a way whole body gets toxic. Mind is the first where we need to concentrate so –

  • Deep Breathing–Prana is the vital force which is pure energy which we breathe that has to be utilized as a weapon to purify the body. Deep Breathing Exercises should be done at the sunrise and mostly to be done near trees.
  • Meditation – This activity doesn’t mean huge Mantra Chanting but just simply closing eyes and concentrate on breathing for 15 mins daily.
  • Visiting High Vibrational Religious Centres –Places like temples, churches, mosques carry Sound Waves of Mass Prayers. This can purify the energy of body.
  • Expert Healers – Healing techniques by expert Pranic Healers, Reiki Healers or Teachers who can help in healing of our body chakras. But please remember try to Heal the Body Chakras and not try to open them. Opening Chakras can be bit hazardous for a body because Kundalini which is like closed Lotus based at lower end of Spine can get opened up and that will create an imbalance in the body.

Both the above situations can be cured by understanding our own body and power of our mind. Healing is possible but we need to put an effort for it.

Many times we surrender to our fate by calling it as pre-destined. True we have our Fixed Karma but if we try to channelize our “Free Will” then atleast we can try to alter it and heal ourselves in tough situations. Many times our Past Karmas are so intense that free will gets defeated. But try at regular intervals.

Here I want to quote an excellent example of Free Will and Past Karmas –

Paralympic Games – Due to past Karmas people suffered but the ‘Never Say Die Attitude’ they not just defeat their Hopelessness but challenge their Physical Disabilities and they participate in Sports.

It is an ‘Excellent Inspiration’ and use of Free will against tough situations.

We are not only born to suffer the past deeds agony but try to create and alter the destiny by true efforts and leave it to God for ultimate results. We are not puppets of planets and with the help of making choices in present birth we can give tough fight to alter past karmas. When we help our self then we also help others by creating an inspiration and instilling new hope for someone who is going through pain.

It is all about Karma & Healing and I try to put very simple so people can feel inspired and making the tough situations easy.



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