A Woman – The Originator

In all sacred texts a female goddess has a special place, Hindu Mythology – Goddess Kaali  & Western Mythology – Mother Mary are very respected just like they are the source of Power and Peace for all the world.

But did woman really get the actual respect and status at par in society?

Previous Era

Since many centuries a woman had suffered to a brutal extent. If we will see the old empires all around the world from 15th century to 17th century the woman was only an object of pleasure.  A woman was a victim of Polygamy. The man of previous era was being considered very respectful when he had many wives. Even the people admired this and women were not in a situation to oppose this.

She was just being a number, a so and so number queen of king. At one hand queen but on other hand just a tag. The English empire, the French Empire and even Kings in India had this ritual. She was under constant security and suspicion, if there was any slight violation of rule then straight punishment – Anne Boleyn the second wife of Henry VIII was being executed because of charges. It was very tough for all the women in previous era to prove their identity.

Middle Era (18th and 19th Century)

Things had bit changed in 18th century and women became part of revolutions, then the world also came to know the power of women, world saw that a woman can come out of their house and can lead when the situation demands. This was the biggest change in the thinking of woman and even the thinking of men towards women. We all very well know how Queen Lakshmi Bai fought bravely in the revolution of 1857 for freedom. A remarkable attempt of courage and valor which inspired many women.

One good thing happened that the polygamy is reduced so atleast the concept of One Man-One Woman developed, it somehow ensured the identity and security of a woman. But still some deep rooted thoughts of men kept hurting the woman’s identity in the way of –

  • Child Marriage
  • Sati System (a forcible death in case of husband’s death)
  • No education for women
  • No societal involvement after marriage

Against all these thoughts first time in India Great Rama Bai Ranade a social activist in 1870 raised voice for the liberation of women.  Then many voices followed her even men also, so a good start by a brave lady.

All over the world the women were excelled in the field of Literature and Education. There were many famous names like-

  • Scientist – Marie Curie
  • Nobel Laureates – Maria Mayer, Barbara Mcclintock, Rita Levi & Ger Trude Elion
  • Physicist & Biologists – Rachel Carson, Rosalind Franklin & Elizabeth Blackwell

Like these many more who proved their identities and ignited the liberation in a big way.

At the onset of 19th century freedom was their but due to the dictatorial approach of some leaders people witnessed two brutal world wars. Everyone suffered and all the women who just started enjoying their freedom got being treated badly in war times.

  • In World War I many women were being employed at the explosive’s factories but due to the exposure of hazardous explosives many women could not conceived babies.
  • In World War II the conquered forces satisfied their bestial urges , there was a ghastly Mass Rape of almost 20 Lakhs European women, in Vienna alone almost 1 Lakh women

This was the most gruesome chapter of history, there was a freedom but this freedom came with a heavy price for women.

Current Era

Now we are in a progressing era where Equality is being respected, though still women facing challenges but as the time passes by we could expect more improvement and crime against women will also be stopped. Women are excelling in the field of Sports, Education, Politics and almost in all spheres. Many are successfully ahead which itself a welcome sign. Some remarkable identities became a role model for even men like-

  • Mother Teresa – Ever greatest healer and most respectable
  • Nadia Comaneci – Perfect 10 Gymnast
  • Steffi Graff – A legendary Tennis Player
  • Diana Spencer – A Great Philanthropist

Many women Political leaders are influencing the world in their own way. See how inspiration works a current Queen of Jordan – Rania Al Abdullha is working for child education and many other issues.  I hope this wave of liberation of women will create a huge impact on world and all the patriarchal thoughts would get eliminated. Any successful woman is a symbol of progress for any nation. A beautiful world is equal for man and woman both then only it would be a heaven.

Jannat – In Search of Heaven.



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