Eclipses – 2016

We sweetly stepped in the New Year 2016 and right now we are experiencing the “Uttarayan”. On 15th Jan nearly 3 am IST Sun entered into Capricorn which is called “Uttarayan”. In simple words SUN started its Northward Journey and it will be directly overhead at noon on the Tropic of Capricorn which is a signal of start of Winter for Northern Hemisphere and Summer for Southern Hemisphere. We usually take the Climatic conditions in context of the position of North Pole (Arctic Circle). In this way we Welcome the Sun for saving us the from the Winter and giving us its precious light i.e. “Return of Light”. Geograhically “Tropic of Capricorn” is a latitude located approximately 23.5 degrees South of Equator.

I tried to explain briefly about Sun’s movement at the start of New Year and its passing over Zodiac Signs. But now this article i am writing in the continuation of my previous articles of Eclipses of last year. It is extremely important to study about eclipses and the axis in which Eclipses will happen that will decide the course of Year for unfolding the Events.

Information of Eclipses of 2016

  • Total Solar Eclipse on 8th/9th March
  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 23rd March
  • Solar Eclipse on 1st September
  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 16th March

In my previous articles i explained how to study the eclipses on the basis of Nodes of Moon – Rahu & Ketu. One can refer those articles of 2015 on Eclipses for explanation.

Now the most imprtant development of transit to study this year is the change of Nodal Axis of “Rahu-Ketu”. This year within few coming days –

  • Rahu will enter LEO
  • Ketu will enter Aquarius

This big shift will dictate the whole year for all the events. I will just upon the theme the LEO means “Royal Power” and AQUARIUS means past life karma and related to Discoveries. Last Year if we all noticed Ketu in Pisces during the time of Solar Eclipse triggered the new era of “Transformation” which i call it an “Ascension”. As we know Rahu-Ketu change signs every after 1.5 years means the tone Ketu set last year by entering into Pisces will run for 18 years (12 Signs * 1.5 Years Each Sign) when Ketu will again come back to Pisces after 18 years. Pisces is the last zodiac Sign which shows Dissolution and Ketu is a sign of Liberation so for me the Era of Spiritual Transformation but this transformation will be having ups and down phases. Because transformation occurs thrrough harsh lessons.

Now again we will come back to current year’s theme of Nodal Axis for Rahu-Ketu i.e. “Leo” (Royal Power)  and “AQUARIUS” (Discoveries). This year we might see many changes in Power of World Political & Financial System and even the chances of many new Discoveries in the field of Medicines and Scientific Field.

The Biggest Surprise is lying in this month only at the dawn of 30th January when Retrograde Jupiter will meet Retograde Rahu roughly in the ending degrees of Leo. This will be a very powerful conjunction because of three reasons –

  • The same conjunction happened with the presence of Saturn in 1979 when Jupiter-Rahu-Saturn all three were together in Leo in the months from April to October 1979.
  • Now this year this conjunction is happening at the culminating point of Leo (28-29 Degrees).
  • This year also Saturn is still influencing Leo from the sign of Scorpio.

Now let us try to understand the effect of this powerful meeting of Raju-Jupiter under the influence of Saturn.

As we saw the main theme of LEO is “Royal Power”, if we just refresh the year 1979 then we will notice that some unusual things happened in 1979 like huge Inflation into double digits all over the world due to sudden rise in the prices of Oil. Margaret Thatcher became the First Woman Prime Minister of UK. In this way such things were marked as unsual in 1979. But important is why i mentioned 1979, whenever Jupiter meets Rahu with Saturn it represents huge change due to bigger mass of Jupiter and Saturn, both are capable to bring big change and Rahu becomes the agent of Change and amplifies the results. That year (1979) it happened in Leo and again now after 36 years it is happening in LEO means huge Change in Royal Power may occur, financial system could be in check but this year Saturn is not together it is actually looking from Scorpio sign which will assure to make the Change for Good. It will bring down the faulty things and make the good things shine for world. Due to retrograde effect of Jupiter & Rahu this conjunction may take up the themes of the year 1979 and get them corrected for better. The ending degrees of Leo shows this conjunction may end the pattern of few things which have been persistent since many years. But still everything will happen with bang as we just saw how the Prize money of “Powerball” in US got increased to huge extent; this is the power of Rahu because it is related with Media, Entertainment and Gambling.

Another thing i expect those natives who born in the year 1979 who may experience a huge change in their lives particularly some stucked patterns may get changed for better and some new doors might open which would eventually change the life totally. Specially all the people can look for their LEO sign and houseplacements in their horoscopes and may expect some changes related to that House results.

I am not writing the article for making predictions but it is important to understand how eclipses and nodal axis shift can bring a change in the world. The most important period will be from April to May because all the major planets in zodiac will remain in Retrograde Motion means very strong and this indicateds everything in this world will remian under heavy check. By calculating the exact degrees of Eclipses under specific Nakshatras we can co-relate with “Koorma Chakra” then we can see the exact Direction of the world where Change May Happen but still i feel Astrology is a science to understand ourself and how to make things better rather making too many predictions.

Happy 2016!



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