Sun in Capricorn, Saturn transit through Gandant and Eclipses 2017

At the start of 2017 the year starts with some important combinations and especially some planets are posited in such a way that they could invoke many important events all over the world in this year.

First combination is Mars, Ketu and Venus in Aquarius

This is a very volatile and violent combination because Mars and Ketu are both co-owners of Scorpio where Mars is also carrying energy of Aries so all of fire with secret tinge of Scorpio and past deeds effects make this combination very volatile then the sign Aquarius makes it more airy means fire is being propelled with air then we can imagine the intensity of heat the Aquarius sign can generate. Therefore, in individual charts where ever the Aquarius sign posited there we can feel the fire sensation now it is up to us how we are utilizing this fire either for purification or for creating nuisance. In the country’s chart it plays a vital role because it can show high level of aggression through sign of Aquarius which can be bit disturbing factor for peace keeping process.

Second is Sun in Capricorn

From 15th of January Sun entered in the sign of Capricorn but usually every year Sun travels through this sign around 14th-15th January and it marks a great significance in Vedic Astrology. Let us understand the significance –

The travel of Sun from Capricorn considers very auspicious because it starts the “Uttarayan”. The term Uttarayan means Northward journey of Sun. Now we will try to understand geographically this travel; Earth is divided into spheres – Northern and Southern and the division is being made by the line called Equator. The upper sphere of Equator is called Northern Hemisphere and lower sphere of Equator is called Southern Hemisphere.

I will try to make simpler – the three imaginary lines are made on the ecliptic globe to understand the relation of Sun and Earth.

  • Equator – It is located at Zero degree Latitude East to West means it is at the centre of Earth which divides the Earth into two portions. When Sun is at Equator then the length of Day and Night are equal. Because of Sun is exactly over head at noon so it creates two Equinoxes – 21st March and 21st September. 
  • Tropic of Cancer – This line is located at 23.5 degrees Latitude North side of Equator. Due to Sun’s position on this line the portion of circle marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Tropic of Capricorn – This line is located at 23.5 degrees Latitude South side of Equator. Due to Sun’s position on this line the portion of circle marks the beginning of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Always remember the opposite winter will happen for Northern part.

Just like Equinox we witness Solstice, on June 21 when Sun at Tropic of Cancer gives us a Summer Solstice and on 21st December when Sun at Tropic of Capricorn gives us a Winter Solstice.

Here little bit “Aynamsa” plays very important role because it differentiates the Tropical Zodiac from the Sidereal Zodiac. Ayanamsa is the angular distance between the Vernal equinoctial point and the sidereal zodiac. Sidereal zodiac takes into account the shifting of earth’s axis while calculating the longitudes of planets and constellations. The shifting of earth’s axis is called the “Precision of Equinox” theory which says after every 2000-2500 years the first point of the zodiac keeps changing. In order to convert a Western (tropical) horoscope into a vedic horoscope one needs to subtract the current ayanamsa from the Tropical Longitudes of planets and signs to get their Sidereal positions, because the Earth’s axis is always changing its position so the ayanamsa also changes slightly every year.

For example on 1st January 1900 the aynamsa was 22 degrees 27 minutes 59 seconds.

Now the ayanamsa is 23º 52′ degrees.

I will try to explain again.

Earth wobbles (spins) on its axis in the conical motion and approximately takes 25800 years to complete one revolution but due to its co-axial tilt the starting point always gets changed from the prior point it started and it happens because Earth wobbles during its motion. So when we calculate the next starting point we have to correct the distance precisely so it is called “Precision of Equinox”. This difference is the Ayanamsa between the two zodiacs. Therefore as per Tropical Zodiac when Sun was in Capricorn on 21st December approx. 2000 years ago we marked Winter Solstice but zodiac sign remained same today also but the difference came due to “Precision of Equinox” theory and now as per Sidereal Zodiac which calculated that shift of Earth due to its wobble we got date around 14th January for its entering point in Capricorn.  So again after 2000 years Sun’s entry in Capricorn will further be shifted due to constant change in starting point of journey. But this calculation is very important to cast horoscope according to Sidereal way.

Now as I said Sun’s entry in Capricorn is considered to be very auspicious because in Vedic Astrology Sun is the father of Saturn and Sun is entering into its son’s sign Capricorn just like entering into home so we consider this start of six months journey from Capricorn to Gemini is auspicious as Sun takes one month to cross one zodiac sign. This travel of Sun into Capricorn is called “Makar Sankranti”.

Whenever Sun’s transit through Capricorn it shows very strict discipline and forms some structure in native’s life. Though Sun and Saturn are enemies but this transit definitely brings some definite structure either in the form of event, attitude or approach depends on the chart. In the country’s chart also it shows Structure and Discipline in Politics means some strict policies we can witness during this period and government can take some firm steps to maintain law and order.

Third is Saturn in Gandant

Now Saturn is transiting through Jyestha Nakshatra (lunar constellation) Scorpio zodiac sign but now in the last degrees of Scorpio. Especially when any planet travels from Water to Fire Sign or Vice versa then it is called “Gandant”. It means a special point where fruits of past deeds wait for us to get delivered because it is like a past lives knot which gets untied during this travel. This portion of Gandant starts from 29 degrees of Scorpio to 1 degree of Sagittarius. But when Saturn like heavy planet travels then we can see the effect from 27 degrees of Scorpio only.

Here one question comes why travel from Scorpio (Water) to Sagittarius (Fire) very important. As per Vedic Astrology the Poison of whole zodiac lies at Zero Degree of Sagittarius means at the start of Moola Nakshatra which says about Roots and on the opposite side of zodiac at Zero degree of Gemini the Nectar of Zodiac lies. In this case just consider our heaviest planet Saturn when travels this point it churns and drills which will force to take that poison out from the point.

It just applies on the individual charts but please do not afraid because it causes all our toxins out so the purification process can happen and we all can be free from our past karmic knots. In the country’s chart also if we combine all the above three combinations formed in this year then we can come to know through some violent activity of Ketu-Mars some Saturnine strict structure can be formed to take the poison out and lay the foundation of good policies for the country people.

Important Dates of Saturn Transit

  • 16th Jan – Saturn touched 29 degrees of Scorpio
  • 26th Jan – Saturn will touch Zero degree of Sagittarius (Very Imp Day and also the date of Saturn)
  • 7th April – Saturn turns retrograde
  • 21st June – Saturn again will re-enter Scorpio (Will clean up the remaining task)
  • 25th August – Saturn will turn direct
  • 26th October – Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius (Date of Saturn)

From 26th Jan to 26th October whole world will witness big changes in administration and government policy framework which will set the tone for next 30 years.

Upcoming Eclipses 2017

  • 10th Feb – Lunar Eclipse
  • 26th Feb – Solar Eclipse
  • 7th August – Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • 21st August – Solar Eclipse

Rather going into too much detail of every eclipse I will say 26th Feb Solar Eclipse will be very important for whole world.

Observations about all combinations

Based on above all combinations I feel Iran and Israel will have a crucial role in this year in terms of violent activities. Especially some violence may happen during Solar Eclipse of 26th February.  Then whole Eastern coast of America because I am taking a world map and based on the nakshatra placements I feel some events related to Water-Fire may happen. Remember we discussed Saturn will transit from Scorpio (Water) to Sagittarius (Fire) sign. So when combining Mars-Ketu, Eclipses and Saturn’s transit then something related to nuclear warfare testing or major water elevated levels or storms may disrupt the peace of few regions. Some sensitive regions I feel are – Caribbean Islands, East Coast of America (New York), Baffin Bay near Greenland (Denmark), England, South point in Antarctic, Central Europe, Eastern Russia.

When Saturn will touch Sagittarius on 26th Jan from there till August Saturn will give its very hard 10th aspect on Virgo where Jupiter is posited so in this duration world’s economic condition may get very weak because Saturn’s mark through Gandant and Solar Eclipse then Virgo is the sign of trade and commerce where strict policy framework could get implemented but it may give temporary jolt to world economic condition.

My main purpose to write this article is to make clear how transits work and how our Geography is closely related to Vedic Astrology. Not to get more into predictive side but important information about Seasons formation, calendar and Earth’s motion can give us lot of ideas to understand Vedic Astrology in a better way.

To understand more about Calendar System, Years of important transits and Geographical mapping of nakshatras I am giving the link of my three articles –



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