Total Solar Eclipse on 20th March 2015

Eclipse is an important phenomenon in the cosmic world because it has a direct influence on our Earth. It means “Seizure of Light” but in the context of astrology how can we understand and decipher it, so first we will understand how an eclipse occurs.

Solar Eclipse – It occurs when Moon comes in between the Earth & Sun and aligned in the Rahu-Ketu axis.

Lunar Eclipse – It occurs when Earth comes in between Moon & Sun and aligned in the Rahu-Ketu axis.

Let’s analyse an effect:

As we have read how the Eclipse occurs but how this Rahu-Ketu involved in this. Now we will analyse and we will start with Rahu-Ketu axis.

  • Rahu-Ketu Axis – Whenever an eclipse occurs it is always in the alignment of Rahu & Ketu because these are the Nodes of Moon, North node is Rahu & South node is Ketu. These are also called Shadow points which cause the things ‘less visible’.

So the first analysing factor is to find out the current transit of Rahu & Ketu. Right now Rahu is transiting from Virgo & Ketu from Pisces and till January 2016 this axis will remain same for the coming eclipses. When Rahu & Ketu will change sign then eclipses will also change as per their axis.

We are going to experience this Solar Eclipse in Pisces means under the influence of Ketu. Ketu is liberation and the Pisces sign is calm watery sign so it would be excellent for spiritual development, I said this because Lord of Pisces is Jupiter which is wisdom & higher learning. Now in every person’s chart according to the position of Rahu & Ketu the effect can be ascertained. The Virgo & Pisces ascendant people will be more influenced by this eclipse since Rahu (in Virgo) & Ketu (in Pisces).

  • Uttarabhadra Nakshatra –We found out that eclipse is happening in Pisces but to the precise point we can even find out the exact degree of Sun & Moon joining i.e. 6 degrees Pisces. It means as per the degrees this eclipse is falling under the location of “Uttarabhadra Lunar Mansion (Nakshatra).”

Territory of Uttarbhadra Nakshtra – 3.21 degrees Pisces to 16.40 degrees Pisces

Now how this nakshatra will effect, for this we should know the lord of this nakshatra. Here the lord of Uttarabhadra is Saturn and as per the current transit Saturn is going through the sign of Scorpio which means “Transformation & Evolution”. Same through the chart we can see in which house Scorpio sign is falling then accordingly Saturn will bring the effect of that house in the eclipse. Another important thing is those people who are born under this nakshatra will also have the direct effect of eclipse means the person’s Moon in Uttarabhadra during the time of birth.

  • Involvement of Other Planets in Axis – We need to check are other planets also transiting either through Virgo (Rahu) or Pisces (Ketu)? Right now Mars is in Pisces till 23rd March 2015 and Sun already there so here the equation forms a conjunction of Sun+Moon+Ketu+Mars in Pisces during eclipse time. Actually Ketu & Mars is a combined explosive force which brings more aggression and disruption so mind (Moon) gets irritated. This is why Meditation is extremely necessary to calm our self and do not get heated.
  • Visibility & Location – An eclipse is not visible to the whole world because of the Earth’s rotation. This eclipse would be fully visible to Europe, Middle East, West Asia, North Africa, Greenland & Iceland. So these locations would be having more prominent effect and the rest of the world where the visibility is not there then the effect would be less or minimal. We also need to know whether an Eclipse is Partial or Full, it causes the effect accordingly.

Many great astronomers and astrologists like Varahmira, Bhaskara & Aryabhata had given geometric calculations to compute the occurrence of Eclipse which is not so easy to understand. But we can do more research on their theories.

  • Mundane Level Effect – As we try to see the chart of person to analyse the effect of eclipse on individual level but in the same way it has an effect on Countries also. This eclipse might be a great effect on Europe & Middle East in context of their economic conditions and conflicts. This total solar eclipse is almost on the time of Equinox, this point is quite important for the whole world so transformation & evolution would be the key theme.

In this way we saw how the process of Eclipse works and how can we analyse an effect on our lives through chart. But I try not to put much emphasis on prediction because important is to understand this phenomenon and not directly jump on prediction and conclusion. Whenever we study a chart of any individual there are many factors we need to study like Major Planetary period, Conjunctions & Aspects so we can not only see through the lens of Eclipse alone. Eclipse tells us not to start any fresh project during eclipse time and after 2-3 days of eclipse, reason is “Light is Seized” due to shadow so the let the Sun brightens then it illuminates our lives again and we can head to our goals of life.

My purpose to write this note on eclipse is to get closer to cosmic events and to tell that astrology is a science and it should be used not to scare people but to utilize it to make our lives more prosperous and healthy. I hope you all will agree with this view.




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