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LAND gives shelter and resources no matter it has demarcations and religion; but the one who pays the debt of land first that becomes the real human in life, land is above all.

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Age is a reminder to get more tougher and harder. It is a challenge to get better and better with every increasing year.

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17) Love of Autumn

Breeze by the lake is like a sonata in solemn Trees look brazen and old leaves are fallen Color of leaves blossomed the love of Autumn.

Flashing sunlight scattered through the trees and spake Vivid reflection of nature on the surface of lake; Picturesque beauty of woods create sanctum Color of leaves blossomed the love of Autumn.

Unperturbed image of beloved appeared out of seldom Basking glory of beautiful sky made her bloom; Even after

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57) Quote

Life always asks for dues but once we paid our dues then a life smiles back to us and open the doors of happiness. Embrace life and live it to the fullest!

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56) Quote

Three magical words “I LOVE YOU” which we often use to express our feelings but does it remain magical when we use all the time for everyone? Please create the real magic of these words for someone really deserving and the real meaning make it more visible in our all deeds. Words can do wonder but when expressed with a pure intention.

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55) Quote

One can rule masses not by force or by dictating terms but just let them free, make them realized their individual existence is worth equal to millions and they are being loved equally.

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54) Quote

TIME is the most biggest wealth in this modern age or we call Kali Yug; utilize it with proper way to create to create new mark for the world but try not to harm others precious time. All our deeds are always audited and accounted being measured with this TIME only. Everything can be earned back except elapsed TIME.

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