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53) Quote

Every person has the right to live on own terms in order to feel “Larger than Life”. At the end then there would be no blame on other things but own karmas and own results. Utilize time and live life like never before. Happy Life!

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52) Quote

A real gentleman who is gentle with a lady and be a strong man for the strength of a woman. A gentleman’s recognition when he earns a respect in the heart of a woman and will remain safe in her heart.

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51) Quote

Love is like a seed which grows with togetherness; but when it gets tested it can cross boundaries irrespective of the result - success or failure. It only cares forever devoted purity.

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Sun in Capricorn, Saturn transit through Gandant and Eclipses 2017

At the start of 2017 the year starts with some important combinations and especially some planets are posited in such a way that they could invoke many important events all over the world in this year. First combination is Mars, Ketu and Venus in Aquarius This is a very volatile and violent combination because Mars and Ketu are both co-owners of Scorpio where Mars is also carrying energy of Aries so all of fire with secret tinge of Scorpio and past deeds effects make this combination very

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Years of Transformation – 2015, 2016 and 2017

I want to start an article with beautiful words of Daisaku Ikeda - a Japanese Philosopher, author and anti-nuclear activist. “Human rights will be a powerful force for the transformation of reality when they are not simply understood as externally defined norms of behaviour but are lived as the spontaneous manifestation of internalized values.”                       --- Daisaku Ikeda These words are very much related with the theme of this article “Transformation” and I observed some

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Hurricane Matthew 2016 and Connection of Astrology

Hurricanes are the tropical cyclones, in detail if we study then either side of Equator is the region where Tropical Cyclones form, this varies between 100 to 2000 kms from Equator. It usually forms over large water bodies like oceans. The starting point is the low pressure area from where it gets into violent rotating windstorm, it looks like a spiral and the effects are devastating. [caption id="attachment_823" align="alignnone" width="300"] Hurricane Matthew[/caption] The main purpose

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16) Hope

Every wave of an ocean comes with a gift to offer I always wait on the sea shore with a flower

A new dawn on the horizon is about to hover Colorful emotions are emerging to shower

Dark clouds disappear and an image appears When I found a pretty pearl in the sea shell Blinking eyes are filled with joy and tears.

All desires can never be fulfilled But some are sparkled in a hope of glimmer A precious pearl is to be

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15) A Walk To Remember

A Walk to Remember and a Night to Ponder A gentle breeze swiftly wiggle the autumn leaves A beautiful sight of riverfront and a house on hills Yonder.

Flash of our memories twinkling in front of my Eyes Same Fragrance of Lilacs as I stepping into that aisle Greetings by a small girl with a rose in her hand Glimpse of your eternal shadow made me Wonder.

A little girl’s smile healed the sky Will nurture her soul with all my loving

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14) सजदा

अपनी  जन्नत  बनाकर  बस  करू  तेरा  सजदा अरमानों  के  पंख  लगाकर  उडाता  चलूँ ढूँढू  तेरे  कदमों  के  निशान और  उनको  अपनी  मंज़िल  बनाकर  बस  करू  तेरा  सजदा

टूटते  तारे  को  देखकर  मांगते  हैं  सब  दुआ मगर  तारा  ही  मसीहा  बन  जाये  तो  खुद  टूटकर तारे  को  चमकने  की  मांगता  हूँ  दुआ चमकते  तारे  की  रौशनी  को  सजाकर  बस  करू  तेरा  सजदा

जीने  की  ख्वाहिश  मयस्सर  हो  तेरी  पनाह  में गम  नहीं  फिर  सांस  भी  निकल  जाये  तेरी  इन  बाहों

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