Mayan Calendar


Many people predicted that World will come to an end by December 2012.

But Did it Happen?

Please stop worrying about such predictions. I want to throw some light on Vedic Astrology and particularly about Mayan Calendar.

Will everything come to end so soon? Answer is absolutely NO.

I have studied some articles and can state some excerpts from that;

The most fearsome Date was 21st December 2012 and the movie called “2012” aggravated the fear among people.  People simply stated this just because Mayan Calendar ended in 2012. Actually Mayan civilization is supposed to be the most super intelligent in terms of astrological wisdom but it is no where stated that World will come to an END.

Now we will understand in simple terms how the life of our EARTH & SOLAR SYSTEM is –

There are four YUGAS and right now we are in KALI YUG.

  • SATYA or SAT YUGA: The Golden Age lasts for 1728000 years. The process of self-realization in this yuga is “Meditation on God”.
  • TRETA YUGA: The Silver Age lasts for 1296000 years. The process of self-realization is the performances of “Sacrifices”.
  • DVAPARA YUGA: The Bronze Age lasts for 864000 years. The process of self-realization is “Worship of Deities”.
  • KALI YUGA: The Iron Age is called for Hypocrisy and Quarrel; this age will last for 432000 The process of self-realization is “Chanting of Holy Names of the Lord.”

For your information till now we have completed only 5000 years out of 432000 years.


  • Some interesting facts mentioned in Bible, Jesus Christ speaks about the end of world when the Sun shall no more be bright as it is today and the Moon will therefore stop reflecting light of the Sun.
  • According to modern Scientists this saying of Jesus is true because “Sun & Moon” are two important Cosmic Heavenly Bodies in our Solar System. This is based on the fact that the Nuclear Fusion happening in the SUN has to end one fine day. But that is not in 2012 so no worries.
  • According to Ancient Scriptures in Hindu Mythology the 10th Avatar of Vishnu will born called “KALKI” and he would be the one who will swallow everything in the solar system which brings to an end of KALI YUG.

But yes I would like to mention that for our country Jan 2013 to July 2014 would remain be the very tough period in terms of Destruction. The reason is tough planetary formations which can create War like Situation. See Saturn and Mars are these two planets could create very High Energy, Fire and Explosions. Specially Saturn & Rahu are together in Libra sign which is deadly combination which can cause violent reactions among nations like Volcanic Eruptions, Natural Calamities, Terrorist Attacks and Nuclear Explosions. But one planet could act as Savior i.e. Jupiter which is in Gemini right now. The riskiest time would be September 2013 when Saturn & Rahu cross each other at same degree. This passing brings many changes – even in the political arena and economy of the country.

There might be a possibility of Assassination of a top leader and from 2015 onwards India would shine as the most powerful country.

In this way Mayan Calendar not showing signs of the end of the World but yes this above mentioned period could be the disruptive period in terms of Loss of Human Lives, Public Property & Natural Disasters.



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