Sanitary Conditions

Sanitary Awakening is must and in many parts of our country the conditions are worst. It is still a dream to see our INDIA as best in Health Care. But it is better late than never.

We will see how the conditions are prevailing right now –

The biggest problem is WATER; polluted water is the main reason of many diseases. Water related diseases are the most common cause of deaths. You all will be shocked to see the figure of deaths by polluted water – nearly 80%.

Here is the list of the most deadly water related diseases that occur in India

  • Diarrhea
  • Cholera
  • Malaria
  • Encephalitis
  • Filariasis
  • Dengue

I tried to survey in some parts of the slums in Mumbai like Asalpha, Kurla, Dharavi and asked people about health conditions, the sad part was every kid in all the households is keep on affecting by any of the above diseases every week. The reason was big pot holes filled with polluted water. Sewages are open and close to houses which cause the real danger to the health of all.

There is a huge Economic Loss due to all poor conditions; we say INDIA is a consumption country but look at the YOUTH and how will they secure their health?

See I don’t want to put statistical data here because this is not an economic article but an eye-opener for our people. So no need to count the number of deaths but to save these deaths. Every individual is an important contributor to our country.

The biggest remedy I feel is to increase the “Health Care Expenditure” by Govt. It is very minimal to the percentage of Budget which is quite shocking if we will compare our Health Care Budget to other countries. Why we say Nice or WOW when go to Europe or US, it is all because of hefty spending on Health Care.

The most prone areas of poor sanitary conditions-

  • Railway Stations
  • Urban Slums
  • Public Toilets
  • Rural Areas

Our Govt. has to spend a lot and awareness amongst us is must. So what we people can do to keep our country clean. See where ever we feel immediately we can lodge a complaint in our respective Municipal Corporation.

I am providing a link of “”

“Mumbai Municipal Corporation” where Mumbai People can lodge a complaint and track the status of your complaint. Please don’t think what will happen and will they attend our complaint or not but just make a start and do it.

Possible remedies I feel for better sanitary conditions

Actually if we can spread some awareness then we can try to stop people from contaminating our environment.

  • Sewages ( Lodge a complaint)
  • Avoid Public Spitting (It can cause severe infectious diseases)
  • Avoid Open Defecation & Public Urination (Obviously we civilized people don’t do but to spread awareness among people in slums who do, I tried to make people aware during my survey)
  • Stop being emotional about baths in Rivers (it is very highly infectious)
  • Avoid Road Side food (which is all open for flies)
  • Make all the Public Toilets paid
  • Stop using Polythene Bags (Extremely hazardous to destroy)
  • should act and develop Underground Drainages, Sanitary Cells in Municipal Corporations and Disease Control Programs in case of “Epidemic”.

Problem = Illiteracy + Misuse of Water + Ignorance

Please eradicate this problem and Support to make our Country Clean.



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